Nobody notices ‘perfect’ – everybody notices imperfect.

Surely, you know this. I do and I don’t like it, yet I am as guilty as everyone else.

When everything works like it’s supposed to, my expectations have been met, and I am satisfied. Why should I consider that unusual or worthy of my attention?  Isn’t that the way the world and all of its parts are supposed to work? Of course it is!

That’s the way I look at the world when others are creating the perfect experiences for me to enjoy.  Don’t you?

What gets my attention is when something is not perfect.

By nature, I’m a critic. It’s just part of my DNA.  No matter where I go or what I do, the flaws, the mistakes, the disorder, the crooked picture, the sloppy paint job, the dirty fork, the missing letter, or the misspelled word catch my attention. Unless I have completely misunderstood my observations over 83 years, most of you are fellow critics by nature. Do you see the perfect or the imperfect?

I seldom recognize the perfect performance.

If you do something perfectly, don’t expect to receive praise or congratulations.  All you did is what was expected of you. Praise is not the usual reward for perfect performance.

The reward for perfect performance is personal satisfaction!

You know when you do it right. Personal satisfaction keeps us doing whatever we do perfectly. Yes, an advanced degree of maturity and self-confidence makes this easier. Do it perfectly and relish the satisfaction of doing it right.

When you perform perfectly, don’t expect to be recognized or even noticed. If you cut hair, cook hamburgers, replace worn-out knees, land an airplane, deliver the mail, or change a diaper, do it right. You are not doing it for recognition and praise; you are doing it for personal satisfaction.

My Daddy always said, “Any job worth doing is a job worth doing right.”

Do It Right

Even if no one notices what you do, do it right. You will know, and you will feel good knowing that you did it perfectly!

Jimmy Collins

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