If you make a good decision in this area — your coworkers will notice. If you make a poor decision in this area — everybody notices. Do you know what area I’m talking about?

When wise men speak are you listening?  When your coworkers know, do you know?

Here is what I heard wise men say.

The most important decisions executives make are people decisions.

—Peter Drucker

Hire smart rather than manage tough.

—Charles “Red” Scott

Select the right person and you will eliminate most of your problems.

—S.Truett Cathy

I listened.  Are you listening?

Making people decisions starts with … Who?  They continue with … Who does What?

No matter what level of responsibility you have, you will be called upon to make people decisions.  Before you face the reality of “do it now,” prepare for what will be the most important decisions of your career.

Start with … Who.  You absolutely must pick the best person available.  Yes, the best available.  You cannot expect to have the best in the world as a choice.  Your choice, either good or bad, will make (or break) your reputation of how effective you are as an executive.

Next … Who does What.  People decisions begin with who? but mean nothing until implemented when you decide what they will do.  If you select the right person to do the right job, your reputation will be enhanced.  If you pick the wrong person, you will suffer the consequences.

You may be selecting a person to do a specific task, to supervise a group, to train a new employee, to handle a customer complaint, or to promote to a job with more responsibility.  It does not matter what the people decision is, choose wisely.

Those choices often require “the wisdom of Solomon.” You won’t have many choices between great and awful.  Your choices will have to be made after carefully evaluating small differentials in knowledge or skill.  If that is the sum total of what you must measure you will usually be pleased with the result. The test is how you deal with personality, character, experience and that critical factor of creativity.  What will happen if the situation does not work out according to the initial plan?  How will the person you selected deal with the unexpected?

Does this seem like a lot to consider?  Yes, it is, and you must keep in mind the most important factor of all.  Who will evaluate your performance?

If you make a good people decision, who will know?  Your coworkers will know.  Your customers will know.  Your boss will know.  Everybody will know!

If you make a bad people decision, who will know?  Everybody will know!

The Most Important Decisions Are People Decisions!

Enhance your career, prepare for and make good people decisions.  The most respected and valuable people in any organization are those who make good people decisions.

Jimmy Collins

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