I’d like to thank all of you who read and commented on my post “Choose Your Boss.” This week’s post “What If I Can’t Choose My Boss?” follows up on that post.

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Brian was excited to update me on what had happened since I had last seen him.

With a big smile, he said, “I got the job with the County Police Department!”  Since he was a boy, he had wanted to be a policeman.  Now, his dream was becoming a reality.

Brian wanted to tell me all about his training, which was well underway.  “I have never been so tired and sore from physical and mental exertion.  I expected the physical to be tough but did not consider the mental.”

He said, “I am learning to really appreciate our Constitution!  It is no surprise that a policeman needs to know the law, but I never anticipated the emphasis on knowing the Constitution.  A policeman has to understand the rights of individuals as well as violations of the law.”Obviously, Brian was enthusiastic about his new role as a policeman.

Then he said, “In your book, you say that the first Principle of Creative Followership is Choose Your Boss.  As a policeman, I will not be able to choose my boss.  Frankly, that worries me because even though I like some of my potential bosses, there are some that I hope I don’t have to work for.”

I asked him, “Is there someone that would be your first choice?”  He replied, “Oh yes!  There is more than one that I would like to work with.”  My next question was, “Have you told them that you would like to work for them?”

A big smile appeared on Brian’s face.  He said, “I could choose my boss by getting him to choose me!”

What If I Can’t Choose My Boss?

If you can’t choose your boss, get your boss to choose you!

Jimmy Collins

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