As soon as she saw it, my thirteen-year-old granddaughter, McKibben said, “That sign is unnecessary.”

How many of these have you seen?  I have seen signs like this in many places.  Most often they mark sidewalks that will never be used simply because they go nowhere that people are likely to walk.  Signs like this one are easy to see.  They are posted where every citizen passing that location can be made aware of the lack of common sense efficiency that is lacking in the administration of many government agencies.  They make us wonder why someone doesn’t do something about it.

Have you thought about the many unnecessary signs that you encounter that are not so obvious?  If you work for an organization that has two or more people and has been in operation for one year, you have unnecessary work being done.  Does that seem like an exaggeration?  Okay, let’s increase the likelihood of unnecessary work by 50% and say your organization has three or more people.

How much unnecessary work is going on in your organization?  What is being done today because at some time in the past it seemed like a good idea?  What reports are being prepared that no one reads?  What work contributes nothing or very little to the purpose and mission of your organization?  These are signs of unnecessary work.

Creative followers see these unnecessary signs.  They see the signs and take action to eliminate that unnecessary work.

What can you do?  You can do plenty!   Find out why it is being done, when it started and if it is achieving the desired results.  If not, see that it is eliminated.

Take Responsibility!

If you don’t have the authority to do it alone, enlist supporters and present your case to the person most likely to take action that does have the authority.  Before you present your case for action, build support among those most likely to have a stake in eliminating or retaining what you want to eliminate.

Find out if they will support or resist your efforts.  Ask for their advice on how best to accomplish what you want to do.  That is how you build support, and you want to know where you stand before you make your case for action.

Build Support In Advance!

Every good boss knows his workers have a production limit and that the easiest way to get more productivity is to eliminate the unnecessary or less important work.

Good bosses are leaders looking for creative followers to help them be successful.   Work to make your boss more successful by eliminating the unnecessary.   Your boss will value you and will want you on his/her train to success.

Jimmy Collins

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