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They are all around you. They are opportunities.

Are you aware of how many surround you each day? Many people miss out on great opportunities because they don’t see them.

I want you to know how you can improve your vision and see more clearly the opportunities to step up and take more responsibility. I have some suggestions on how you can develop your awareness of real occasions for advancement—the ones you may be overlooking.

Creative Followership can open your eyes, so you can see the opportunities that are right in front of you.  Uncover your eyes and take a look with me.

During my years in a senior executive role at Chick-fil-A, many times fellow workers came to me seeking promotions.  When I asked why they wanted a promotion, usually, I received one of two replies.  “I want to make more money.”  “I want more authority.”

When someone said, “make more money,” I was certain that was exactly what they were thinking.  I understood.  Even though I have met a few people who said they were overpaid, I never believed they really meant it.  True or not, many people believe they are underpaid.  How about you?  Most people also believe they can handle the responsibility of more authority.  How about you?

I don’t remember anyone ever using the exact words, “I want more authority.”  Most often they used this approach.  “Put me in charge, and I will straighten out that department.”  “If I was the boss, I would …”  Possibly, you have had similar thoughts.

My response was to ask, “What would you do?”  Seldom did I get a well thought out answer with definite ideas.  Usually, there was no plan of action and an attitude of, “I know I could do better than the boss.”  It is possible they could have done better than the boss, but I had no way of knowing.

I saw these sessions as Creative Followership coaching opportunities.

You don’t have to be the boss or in another place to perform at your best.  There are opportunities right under your feet.  Take action where you are.  Don’t be concerned that the boss will get credit for your initiative or creativity, and you probably already have plenty of authority and all the freedom you need to get started.

As you assume more responsibility and help your boss to be successful, the more likely you are to get outstanding performance reviews and higher income. The largest income increases and best promotions go to the boss’s dedicated followers.

If you work for a smart boss, like my boss Truett Cathy, your boss will know you are helping him/her to succeed, and your help will be welcomed.  Supporting your boss, promoting his/her agenda and taking more responsibility, will raise the value of your service.  As your boss advances in the organization, you want to be recognized as one of the most effective and loyal followers, so the boss will take you along.

Of course, if you work for a boss who is not very smart, this will not work.  If you work for a boss lacking in intelligence or integrity, you should fire that boss and find a smart one!  Do this process in reverse order, of course.

Creative followers don’t need to ask for more authority. They earn it by taking on additional responsibility.  They receive more and bigger income increases because they earn them.

Help Your Boss Succeed

Do you see now?

Look!  Do you see all of those opportunities to help your boss succeed?  When you help the boss succeed, you will board his/her train, and you will enjoy the ride together.   Help your boss succeed.

  • Take action where you are.
  • Don’t be concerned with who gets the credit.
  • Assume more responsibility.
  • Look for opportunities to support your boss/help your boss succeed.

—Jimmy Collins

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