Do you obey your warm-hearted impulses?

We all have warm-hearted impulses.

Warm-hearted impulses seem to arrive from nowhere. They are unexpected thoughts that just happen.

Remember when you thought of sending someone a note, or a get-well card?  Maybe you thought of calling a friend you haven’t seen in years. What about when you thought of visiting someone in the nursing home who is not expected to live much longer?

Those are just a few forms of warm-hearted impulses. Sometimes they take on a form that will require you to do something that will take a great deal of time or cost money.

All warm-hearted impulses require you to break out of your normal routine and do something kind for someone.

When we obey warm-hearted impulses we convey care and kindness that result in a joyful experience for the receiver and the giver!

A word of caution, don’t delay. If you delay a warm-hearted impulse for one day, you reduce your probability of doing it by half. If you delay it for one week you are not likely to ever do it, and you may regret it forever.

Here is a warm-hearted impulse that I obeyed:

While driving home from work one day, I had a warm-heated impulse. I thought of a young single mother; I’ll call her Mary. She was working to finish college while supporting herself and her daughter; I will call her daughter Crystal.  Mary had moved to another state to be near the university she attended and we had not seen her for several months. My wife and I had often encouraged Mary and occasionally provided financial assistance, but not recently.

When I got home, I told my wife that I had thought about sending Mary some money, but the amount that came to mind was small and I thought we should send more. She said, “No.  Send the amount that you thought about.” We sent the amount that first came to my mind when I had the warm-hearted impulse.

A short time later we received this note in the mail:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Collins,

Thank you very much for your generous gift to me. It came at a God-appointed time. I went on a mission trip during Spring Break and spent the money I got back on my income tax return. I really believed the Lord would have me to go and didn’t want to ask for support since I had the refund. Well, when I got back your check was in the mail and, would you believe it, was for the same amount I spent on the trip. I now can spend that money on Crystal and my needs. We shared the Gospel with over 900 college students and forty people accepted Christ. Thank you for your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. It was truly a blessing from God!

Love in Christ, Mary

I had obeyed my warm-hearted impulse.

I am confident that many times I have received Divine direction in the form of warm-hearted impulses.

Obey Your Warm-hearted Impulses!

When you do obey that warm-hearted impulse, you will share and enjoy the blessings of your warm-hearted actions.

Have you had similar experiences?

Would you share the stories with us?

Jimmy Collins

The stories I tell are true and from my real-life experiences.  I never use actual names without permission.  Where appropriate, names have been changed to protect individual privacy.

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