Have you set a New Year’s Resolution yet? If not, consider this…

—Do you like it when someone takes the time to tell you that you did a great job?

—Do you feel appreciated when someone asks your opinion on account of your knowledge and experience?

. . . of course you do!

Many years ago I resolved to make a change in my life. I am a natural critic. I wanted to make the transformation from being a critic to becoming an encourager. Why be a critic; anyone can be a critic. I found encouragement a richly rewarding alternative.

Take a moment and answer this question: What encourages me?

Think about what encourages you, and you will know how you can encourage others. Make a New Year’s Resolution to become an encourager in 2020.

Identifying what brings me encouragement creates the starting point for recognizing what others will perceive as encouraging. Thinking about what encourages me brings ideas to mind about moments in life I can bring encouragement to others. I seek out similar circumstances that I can use as opportunities to bring encouragement to other people.

You can do the same; you can make the shift from critic to encourager. Start watching for opportunities in the lives of others. You can even think about times you didn’t receive encouragement and make certain to notice these opportunities to bring encouragement to others.

When you see people doing something commendable, something thoughtful, or something positive, give them encouragement. Let them know you noticed what they did and embolden them to continue doing it in the future.

Try something unconventional this year; rather than the same sort of New Years Resolutions you make each year, resolve to do something different. Resolve to make the move from critic to encourager!

You’ll be glad that you did, but don’t be disappointed if you fail to take advantage of all the opportunities that you see.  I haven’t completed my journey from critic to encourager.  That’s why it is one of my New Year’s Resolutions again for 2020.

Thank you for your encouragement to me! It makes this blog such a rewarding experience—I look forward to sharing more details about Creative Followership and encouraging others with you in 2020!