While working at Chick-fil-A, as soon as I learned that we had a problem, the first thing I did was work out a suitable solution.  The second thing I did was inform my boss, Truett Cathy, of the problem and the solution that was already under way.

My boss said that he didn’t like problems.  That was partially true.  Truett enjoyed solving the problems of his choice.  He tackled some huge and difficult problems, but he liked to choose his problems.

Like every boss, he enjoyed those days when the only big news was that sales were increasing and customer satisfaction was soaring.  That brought a smile to his face and comfort to all of his followers.

One day I went into the boss’s office to brief him on a problem and explain the remedy that I had already implemented.  He seemed satisfied with the action that had been taken.

As I turned to leave, I said, “Truett, you don’t need to worry about these problems. I’ll take care of them.  That’s what you’re paying me for.”

“Oh, No!”  He said, “I am paying you to prevent problems.”

I immediately stopped, stunned to be struck with the reality of the high level of his expectations and trust in me.

Truett Cathy was my best boss and my most demanding boss.

Prevent problems?

Yes, that was his expectation!

He had confidence in my determination to meet his expectations.

Actually, he knew that I would do more than he expected.

Do More Than Is Expected!

As a youngster working part-time, I had learned that to earn more money, I had to make myself more valuable.  At that time, making more money was my main objective.

Right away, it was obvious that just meeting the boss’s minimum expectations would never get me where I wanted to go.  I had to do more and better than my co-workers.  If I wanted to become more valuable, I needed to take on additional responsibility and do more than was expected.

I did, and it worked.

Many years later when I went to work for Truett, I had honed my do-more-than-expected approach down to a sharp-edged career advancement tool.  I used it from day one.  I was all-in and totally committed.

My commitment to not just meet but exceed Truett’s expectations earned me his unwavering support.

He trusted me to do whatever was needed when he had no idea whether I knew how to do it or not; he knew that I would let nothing stop me from successfully completing whatever we set out to do no matter how difficult the task.

Do you want that kind of support from your boss?

Try raising your performance bar from problem solver to problem preventer.

Do More Than Is Expected!

It worked for me.

It will work for you.

Jimmy Collins

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