I heard something 63 years ago that I still remember, word for word, today.

My wife, Oleta and I were on our way to Grant Field for a Georgia Tech football game. We were walking as fast as we could, trying to get to our seats before the kickoff. Because we didn’t arrive early, we had to park several blocks away from the stadium and it looked like we were not going to make the kick-off.

When we were almost there, I was relieved to hear a priest introduced for the before game prayer. Expecting a long prayer, I was now confident that we would make the kick-off.

The priest prayed.

Thank you Lord for the freedom to do as we please; I pray that you will give us the wisdom to use it responsibly. Amen

I don’t remember if we made it to our seats before the kickoff.

I cannot forget that prayer.

Why do I remember a one sentence prayer all of these years?

It was profound!

It was short!

What is the takeaway?

Keep It Short.

If you want people to remember …

Keep It Short.

I want you to remember this, so I will …

Keep It Short!

–Jimmy Collins

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