Truett Cathy told me what he wanted me to do, but he did not tell me how to do it.  A good boss gives direction by telling workers what he wants and he leaves it up to them to figure out how to do it.

He let me use my initiative and creativity to get the job done.  He was wise enough to know that if it was my creation, I was more likely to see it through no matter how difficult the task turned out to be.

He made my role easier because he gave clear and simple instructions and did not constantly change his mind.

Truett’s first instruction to me was, “I want you to help me open restaurants and … see that they stay open.”  There was a definite emphasis on stay open.

I knew what he wanted, and he left it to me to do whatever was necessary to get it done.

Yes! He expected me to do it right and right was to do it the way Truett liked to conduct business.

Truett expected loyalty.  He wanted people to join him who were totally committed to the success of Chick-fil-A—people who would stick with him no matter how difficult the tasks or how long it took to complete them.

Commitments made were to be kept no matter how difficult, and no excuses were acceptable.  That encouraged very careful commitment making!

All business was to be conducted with the expectation that long-term relations would be established and maintained.  He expected every person involved in Chick-fil-A’s business to be a good steward of our resources and assets.  He also expected that we do business in such a manner that we would always have a positive influence on every person with whom we came in contact.

Actually, he demanded it!  He never yelled at me, but he made his high expectations crystal clear.

I chose Truett as my boss.

I chose a leader worthy of my followership.  I gave him my absolute loyalty, and he responded with his unwavering support.

On September 8, 2014, he departed this world for his eternal home.  I am glad that while he was here, he was my boss.

Truett Cathy was my best boss!

I wonder.  How many of you would also claim Truett Cathy as your best boss?

Jimmy Collins

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