Would you like to fire your boss?

Sometimes people work for the wrong boss, year after year and complain that they are going nowhere within the organization.  Why do they do it?

Probably the number one reason is fear of the unknown.  They are afraid to go out and look for a new boss.  They may be reluctant to look around because they do not know how their employer will react if he or she finds out they are looking.

Looking for a new boss does require caution and some courage. On the other hand, think of what you have to lose if you continue to stay right where you are, with the wrong boss.

Another excuse I have often heard is, “I don’t like my boss, but I do like the organization.”  It is essential that you realize even in good organizations there are likely to be bad bosses, go-nowhere bosses, and incompetent bosses. The alternative to looking outside your current organization is to look for a transfer to a good boss of your choice within the same organization.  Workers with good performance records and friendly personalities don’t usually find it difficult to get a transfer. In most organizations, bosses constantly look around for up and coming workers they can add to their staff.

It is your future!  Why not take control and manage your career in the direction you want it to go?  If you are not satisfied with your boss, don’t just sit there and complain, do something about it.

Fire your boss, and choose a new boss.  In reverse order, of course!

Fire Your Boss!

– Jimmy

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