Do you want your customers to come again?

I can help you!

Here is an example.

As the chief operating officer of Chick-fil-A, I liked to visit our restaurants — unannounced.  

It was easy for me to go in and order food like any other customer because very few of the restaurant employees would recognize me.  They knew who Truett Cathy was and had seen his pictures, but they did not know me.  I always worked in Truett’s shadow.

One day, I was traveling with a regional Chick-fil-A business consultant when we went into one of our restaurants during lunchtime.  The franchisee was away from the restaurant delivering a large catering order.

We decided to eat lunch and return later to see the franchisee.

When we ordered our food, the employee who took our order seemed polite, but it was definitely a nothing-special transaction.

Examining and tasting the food was a non-noteworthy occurrence.  Customers would find the food satisfactory, but there was nothing special about the appearance or taste of the food.

I explained to the business consultant,  “This is nothing but ordinary; no customer is likely to have a positive memory of ordering and eating this lunch.”

“We want to create memorable experiences, that the customer will want to repeat right away.  We want the experience to be so positive that the customer can’t wait to come back for a repeat experience.”

Create Memorable Experiences!

The consultant said, “Come with me.  I will take you where you will have a memorable experience.”

A few minutes later not far away, we entered another Chick-fil-A restaurant operated by a different franchisee.

WOW!  What a difference!

The lady who took our order greeted us with a smile and said, “I’m glad you are here.” Her total attention was on us while she took our order, suggested a couple of items to add to the pleasure of our meal, and thanked us.  As she handed us our order, she asked if we would like some condiments and gave us a sincere invitation to come again.

Even before I tasted the food it was a positive experience!

We went to a table to take a look and taste the food. Everything was perfectly prepared, packaged and delicious!

The customer service didn’t end at the point of sale, as we ate a  young woman asked us,  “Is there anything I can do to make your meal more enjoyable?”

The experience was so positive it made me want to come back and eat that same meal again… soon!

That was a memorable experience!

If you want customers to come again…

     … eliminate those nothing-special transactions.

Customers will come again if you…

     Create Memorable Experiences!

Jimmy Collins

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