Do you know how to increase your income?

It’s a simple process. I will explain.

No matter what our age our first job is loaded with experiences we never forget.  A few experiences are good, others are bad and many fade to the back of our memory. 

Today, I am thinking of one of the most pleasant and profitable lessons I learned on that job. Go back with me to the year 1948. I am 12 years old and Mr. Brown has hired me to work in his neighborhood grocery store. The world is different in many ways . For instance, neighborhood grocery stores are important, because many people do not have an automobile. Some folks walk to the store to buy groceries, others call and place orders by telephone.

Most customers without automobiles appreciate and take advantage of Mr. Brown’s free delivery service. One of my primary responsibilities is to deliver the groceries on a cycle-truck heavy-duty bicycle. I like delivering groceries on that bicycle! What I like best is the opportunity to increase my income! Customers expect me to bring the groceries to the door, but I don’t stop at the door.  I do more! I insist on carrying them all the way to the kitchen.  When I get to the kitchen, I  offer to put the groceries in the pantry or in the icebox (it is good to remember, it’s 1948, only half of our customers have refrigerators at this point). 

Most of the customers appreciate my doing more than they expect.  They express their appreciation by rewarding me with tips.  I like those tips! In 1948 I am learning on the job, my first job, and I am discovering one of the key principles of Creative Followership. 

Do More Than Is Expected! 

This principle worked on my first job and has worked on every job since. The vast majority of us do not receive our compensation in the form of commissions or gratuities, but the principle, Do More Than Is Expected, applies however we are paid for our work.

Doing more than is expected will result in recognition and reward. When I worked for a salary, my reward was not as direct as the tips I received from satisfied customers when I delivered their groceries.  Even when recognition was timely, the reward came indirectly and later, but it did come.

I learned many years ago, that I would not receive special notice from my boss for doing what was expected of me. If I wanted to receive additional recognition and reward, I first had to be noticed.  That meant that I had to go far beyond my co-workers, who were also doing what was expected of them. That’s when, I recalled doing more than was expected when I delivered groceries as a twelve-year-old. 

By applying the principle, Do More Than Is Expected, I gained the recognition and reward I was seeking. As much as I enjoyed the reward, over time, I began to realize that personal satisfaction for doing more than expected was so enjoyable that I no longer worried about how much and when I would be recognized and rewarded. I learned that the greatest pleasure comes from the personal satisfaction of doing more than is expected. 

I enjoy it so much; I look for opportunities to do more than is expected.  The pleasure is so great that I have become addicted to doing more than is expected. I recommend you try it.  Not only will it enhance your career and increase your income, it will increase your personal satisfaction. 

Do More Than Is Expected!

Jimmy Collins

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