I was on a mission of encouragement.

Matt Wilson was discouraged.

His field consultant had told me that he was very discouraged.

Matt was a talented young man that had shown a lot of promise working in one of our restaurants. The franchisee he worked for had recommended him for the interim manager program because he considered Matt a good candidate to become a franchisee.

The interim managers provided temporary management for restaurants when the departures and arrivals of franchisee changes did not match. Usually, the restaurants were in good condition and didn’t need much more than a temporary figurehead on premises for a short time.

However, occasionally, an interim manager found himself/herself in a very difficult situation; one where sales were declining, customers were not being satisfied, the employees were discouraged, and maintenance had been neglected.

Matt was in one of those difficult situations.

When I arrived at the restaurant, right away Matt made clear to me how discouraged he was. He was disappointed that he had been given such a mess to straighten out. He spent a long time telling me all that was wrong.

He had expected to be assigned to a well-run unit without problems, an assignment that he could easily handle and make himself look good. His major concern was to build positive impressions so that he would be able to get a franchise of his own.

Unfortunately, he did not realize what a wonderful opportunity he had to show how good he was by taking on a difficult and dirty tasks.

I told him, “Matt, if you want to demonstrate how good you are …

Do the Difficult and Dirty

“When you attack and conquer the difficult and dirty tasks, you can be a hero. You turn around a declining, deteriorating situation, and you receive recognition and reward. In fact, it is much easier to look good when you tackle difficult and dirty tasks.”

“If you go into a restaurant that is already a top rated performer, you are much more likely to mess up the situation and make it worse. What do you think that would say about your performance?”

Do you want to make a difference?

Do you want to demonstrate your ability and effectiveness?

Do you want to receive reward and recognition?

Do the Difficult and Dirty!

Matt is the bright and capable guy that his boss had recommended. Once he adjusted his viewpoint, he recognized the opportunity and put the restaurant in order, satisfied customers, created a happy work environment for the employees, and increased sales.

He added a victory to his resume!

Are you as smart as Matt?

Then, follow his example …

Do the Difficult and Dirty!

–Jimmy Collins

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