Have you ever thought about looking for a boss rather than looking for a job?

Think about it.  If you work within an organization, you probably have a boss.  Within an organization you need a boss.

Yes!  I did say, “You need a boss.

You need someone to function as an ice breaker to clear the path ahead.  You need someone who knows the way and can smooth the path for you as you journey toward your objectives of success and satisfaction.  You need someone with important contacts both within and outside the organization.  You need a coach and a teacher.  Certainly, you need someone to praise you to those in the best position to recognize and reward your outstanding performance.

Yes!  You really do need a boss.

When you consider how important your boss is to your future within the organization, you will see why I advise you to, “Choose your boss.”

Choose your boss carefully.

If you work for the wrong boss you risk your career.  You only have one life.  Don’t waste it working for the wrong boss.  If you have the wrong boss, fire that boss and choose another, in reverse order of course.

If you choose the right boss and help him/her advance through the organization, you will ride that same train.  The right boss will appreciate and recognize your contributions, see that you receive appropriate credit and compensation, and take you where you want to go.

This is Creative Followership Principle #1: Choose Your Boss.

– Jimmy

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