Are you easily discouraged?

How much does it take to discourage you?

How do you deal with discouragement?

As a youngster, I learned discouraging situations are something we all encounter; it is just part of life. I realized for some people discouragement is a terrible experience that demoralizes and leaves them depressed. Discouragement destroys their initiative and turns hope to despair.

For other people, discouragement can spark their imagination and set their determination afire. No matter how hopeless the situation appears, they persevere in their determination to accomplish whatever they set out to do. They let nothing … absolutely nothing … demoralize them.

I wanted to be one of those who conquered discouragement.

My method is simple.

I tell myself, “I am not easily discouraged.”

It worked for me as a youngster and it still works for me as an old man.

Do Not Be Easily Discouraged

Here is an example.

In 1978 at the age of 42, I was elected to serve as a trustee of Atlanta Christian College (now Point University). Humbled and honored to accept, I looked forward to serving that fine institution of higher learning

My first board meeting was a serious and enlightening experience.

When the president of the college presented his report …

His opening statement was, “It is always difficult to evaluate the progress of a school except in numbers …”

My thought. [Good, I’m a numbers, business guy.]

He proceeded, “The drop in enrollment is of grave concern to us and the trend must be reversed.”

My thought. [That’s discouraging.]

He continued, “The financial condition of the college has been critical for the past six months.” And, “We are now at the limit of safe borrowing.”

My thought. [That’s really discouraging.]

At the end of his report … the president announced his retirement.

My thoughts. [Enrollment drop is grave, the financial situation is critical, and the president is retiring. No students, no money no president equals no college. This is a very discouraging situation!]

That was one of many times when I reminded myself …

I am not easily discouraged.

Do Not Be Easily Discouraged

Long before that day, I learned the most satisfying experiences happen when we take on the most difficult tasks and successfully complete them. Fully aware of the difficulty, I was not discouraged. I was confident that I could help Atlanta Christian College.

For over 30 years, one of my greatest pleasures was contributing time, energy and resources to the success of the college.

Due to the resolute dedication of trustees, administration, faculty and supporters who were not easily discouraged, Point University (formerly known as Atlanta Christian College) will celebrate its 82th anniversary this year. It is a stable, successful university educating a growing enrollment of students for success in life and career in the twenty-first century.

Do Not Be Easily Discouraged

Don’t let discouragement rob you of life’s pleasures and success.

Enthusiastically take on those difficult and dirty tasks. The pleasure of each success will encourage you to take on even greater challenges.

Take control of your life and your career.

The benefits are unlimited!

Do Not Be Easily Discouraged

Jimmy Collins

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