Are You a Follower or Worker?

Which are you?

Are you a follower?

Are you a worker?

Do you know the difference?

A worker is someone with a boss.

Many people start their careers as a worker.  Usually, they are not working for a boss they have chosen.  They apply for a job, get the job and go to work.  At that point, it’s a job and not yet a career.

Unfortunately, far too many people never go beyond worker status.  There are reasons and excuses.

First:  “It’s a job, and I need the income.”  “I will find something better later.”

Next:  “I’m afraid to look for something better.”  “Another boss or job may be worse than the one I have.”

Then:  “Even though I am not challenged here, I’m comfortable.”  “I get a new boss every few years; maybe the next one will be better.”

Finally:  “I know the system here; I understand all of the silly and stupid rules; I don’t like them, but I get to leave all of this behind every day at 5:00 o’clock.”  “I know how to avoid risks here and avoid blame for all the crazy things that go wrong.”

A worker wants and needs a boss to tell him or her exactly what to do and how to do it.

A worker may be fully committed to the boss and/or the organization but avoids risks.

Every organization needs workers.

There is nothing wrong with being a worker.

A follower is someone who has chosen a leader

A follower may begin his or her career as a worker, but a follower will not be satisfied to stay a worker.  A follower will learn as much as possible from his or her good and bad bosses while continuously searching for a leader of his or her choice.

A follower is determined to develop a satisfying and successful career.

First:  No matter what it takes, a follower will find a leader of his or her choice.

Next:  A follower will choose a boss who is a leader with a unifying purpose that he or she will wholeheartedly commit to as if it were his or her own, and that is what it will become.

Then:  The follower will be absolutely loyal and supportive of the leader in achieving their joint unifying purpose.  The follower and leader will work together to accomplish their joint success.

Finally:  The follower will boldly take risks and exercise his or her initiative to help the leader succeed without fear and with confidence of the leader’s support.

A follower wants a boss who is a leader.

A follower wants a leader who tells his or her followers what he or she wants and leaves it up to the followers to determine how to do it.

A follower thrives on risks and the freedom to use his or her own initiative and creativity.

Only leaders attract followers.

If there is a leader, there will be followers.

If there are no followers, there is no leader.

A Follower Is Someone Who Has Chosen a Leader.

 –Jimmy Collins

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