Is money your primary career satisfaction measurement?

When I was a young man with a growing family to support, there was no question in my mind that income growth was my primary career satisfaction measurement. Even though money was not my only career satisfaction measurement, it definitely was at the top of the list.

As an old man looking back, I realize that I should have expected my thinking to be challenged. There was plenty of discussion then, as there is today, of money’s relative importance as a career satisfaction measurement.

When I was 26 years old, I had just enjoyed my highest annual income and was pleased that my income was growing at a steady rate. I decided to fire my boss and take a similar job in another state for only a slightly larger salary. Why?

Because I could not get along with my boss! Money was not the issue.

As a result of the move I went from a bad boss to a worse boss!

I did not like my new boss. I did not like my new job. I was miserable!

That is when I received a life-changing telephone call.

My previous boss called and asked if I would return to the job I had left only 4 months earlier. To let me know how much he wanted me to return, he offered a 50% increase in salary and a new company automobile.

It was an opportunity to make a lot more money. I was sure that for that kind of income increase I could work out the differences with my boss. I was certain that if he was willing to give me that kind of increase, he would also work hard to improve our relationship.

Yes! Money was my primary career satisfaction measurement. At that time, I still believed it was the most important measurement.

I accepted the offer for more money and moved my family back home.

Can you guess the outcome?

More money did not make it easier for my boss and me to work together. I was making more money, but nothing else had changed. I was still miserable.

The renewed but unchanged relationship survived for 33 months.

During those miserable months I finally realized that I had discovered, the hard way …

the most important factor in career satisfaction is… 

choose a good boss!

If you are searching for career success and satisfaction start by choosing a good boss. I made this my number one Principle of Creative Followership.

Choose Your Boss

It is most important to choose your boss and choose a good one. I learned by experience that money alone never resulted in career satisfaction for me.

How about you? What is most important to you when measuring job satisfaction?

Have you ever stayed at a job working for a bad boss? Did you stay because of the money or another reason?

Leave a comment right now and tell your story.

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