Do you know why people quit a job they like? Do you know why people leave a company or organization they like? Here’s why people quit  jobs or leave companies they like. I will use a real-life example to illustrate my point My wife and I were on the way to Nashville, where I would speak to a large audience of Chick-fil-A restaurant employees. It was the day I would announce the release of my first book, Creative Followership: In the Shadow of Greatness. We stopped for lunch at Beau Noblitt’s Chick-fil-A restaurant in Murfreesboro.  As I expected, he was already in Nashville preparing for the big event. As we sat down at a table, a smiling, friendly young man approached and asked if there was anything he could do to make our meal more enjoyable.  I will call him Todd.  Todd was very courteous and helpful.  I was impressed! Todd had the presence of an experienced, veteran food service professional.  When I asked how long he had worked there, I was very surprised when he said, “Two weeks.”  He told me that he had been working at the restaurant of a large chain.  “I liked my job and I like the company, but I did not like my boss.”
“Mr. Noblitt was a regular customer.  I liked the way he treated the servers and other employees there.  I was confident that he would be a good boss, so, I came to work for him here.” “Mr. Noblitt is a good boss.  I really like working for him.”
Todd had put into practice the first Principle of Creative Followership. Choose Your Boss People will …       quit a job they like,             leave a company they like …                    to escape a bad boss!   People don’t quit companies, they quit bad bosses. Think about what a loss it was to that other chain restaurant where Todd had quit because of a bad boss.  I wonder how many other good employees quit because of that bad boss. In my experience, the most common cause of a high rate of employee turnover is a bad boss. There may be times in your career when you find yourself reporting to a bad boss.  There are bad bosses, go-nowhere bosses and incompetent bosses in even the best organizations.  If you like your company and your coworkers, try transferring  to a good boss.  Workers with good performance and pleasant personalities don’t usually find it difficult to transfer.  In most organizations, bosses are constantly looking for high performance workers to add to their staff. If you cannot find a good boss within your company or organization, remember, the whole world is open to you.  You are free to leave. It is your career, your future, and your life that is at stake.  Take control and direct your career where you want it to go.  If you are not satisfied with your boss do something about it. Quit that bad boss and find a new boss … in reverse order of course! Choose Your Boss Jimmy Collins Want to find out more? My latest book, Jimmy’s Stories is available on Amazon: Signed and personalized books are available on Creative Followership Jimmy’s Stories The stories I tell are true and from my real-life experiences.  I never use actual names without permission.  Where appropriate, names have been changed to protect individual privacy.