Rules are Like Rabbits!

“Rabbits do not make good pets!” my father said emphatically.“Daddy, please!  They are so cute and cuddly–they won’t be any trouble,”  I pleaded.“They are nothing but trouble; you will see and be sorry,” he said as he relented.Oh, how I wish I had listened!...

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Always Apologize, Never Explain

At Chick-fil-A, we learned that customer complaints are an excellent source of feedback. Therefore, a customer complaint represents a colossal opportunity. It is a shame that the opportunity usually turns into a dismal disappointment for both parties because it does...

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Always Do Your Best

I did not like school. I liked to learn, but I did not like school. Most of the time I was bored and disinterested. My body was present in the classroom, but my mind was far away. I did like learning what I considered useful and practical. Subjects like math and...

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Jimmy's Stories, a new book by Jimmy Collins, is now available on Amazon

A gifted storyteller, he uses real events from his personal experience to paint a vivid picture of the practice of Creative Followership, the fascinating career approach that he advocates. He delivers an inspiring message for everyone.