What did you get out of that book?

My friend walked up and said, “Jimmy, I didn’t get anything out of that book you recommended.” “You didn’t get anything?”   I asked. “That’s right … nothing!” Have you had a similar conversation? Which side of the exchange were you on? Often, people have...

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My First Date

Do you remember your first date? I do! It is no exaggeration to say it was a “memorable event.” Unlike most of my friends, I went on my first date at a rather young age. I asked a girl to go out with me when I was 9 years old. We were both in the third grade at Church...

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Praise Perfect Performance

I have been accused of being a perfectionist. When people call me a perfectionist, their tone of voice and facial expression give the impression that they are describing a diseased person, maybe a mentally diseased person.  Have you seen this?  Have you been...

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A gifted storyteller, he uses real events from his personal experience to paint a vivid picture of the practice of Creative Followership, the fascinating career approach that he advocates. He delivers an inspiring message for everyone.