Tell Your Own Story

On a Sunday afternoon in the Autumn of 1946, following a delicious dinner of Grandma’s fried chicken, my father, my uncles, and older cousins gathered on the back porch of her old weather worn sharecropper house. Those arriving too late to get one of the rocking...

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Are You the Boss People Want?

If you supervise a single person, you must answer this question. Are you the boss people want? Have you thought about what potential employees are looking for? Have you seriously thought about how that affects your ability to hire good employees? Surely, you recognize...

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Always Do Your Best

I did not like school. I liked to learn, but I did not like school. Most of the time I was bored and disinterested. My body was present in the classroom, but my mind was far away. I did like learning what I considered useful and practical. Subjects like math and...

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Jimmy's Stories, a new book by Jimmy Collins, is now available on Amazon

A gifted storyteller, he uses real events from his personal experience to paint a vivid picture of the practice of Creative Followership, the fascinating career approach that he advocates. He delivers an inspiring message for everyone.