Fire Your . . . Boss?

Would you like to fire your boss? Sometimes people work for the wrong boss, year after year and complain that they are going nowhere within the organization.  Why do they do it? Probably the number one reason is fear of the unknown.  They are afraid to go out and look...

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There Are No Perfect Decisions

People ask me, “How do you make good decisions?” I have learned that the issue is not about making good decisions. The issue is making your decisions good. There is no such thing as a perfect decision. You know this even though you may not have given it much thought....

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My New Year’s Resolution

Have you set a New Year's Resolution yet? If not, consider this... —Do you like it when someone takes the time to tell you that you did a great job? —Do you feel appreciated when someone asks your opinion on account of your knowledge and experience? . . . of course...

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Jimmy's Stories, a new book by Jimmy Collins, is now available on Amazon

A gifted storyteller, he uses real events from his personal experience to paint a vivid picture of the practice of Creative Followership, the fascinating career approach that he advocates. He delivers an inspiring message for everyone.

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Theme for Today

Theme for Today

I will not be afraid no matter how big the challenges today....