Unnecessary Work

    As soon as she saw it, my thirteen-year-old granddaughter, McKibben said, “That sign is unnecessary.” How many of these have you seen?  I have seen signs like this in many places.  Most often they mark sidewalks that will never be used simply because...

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Do This And You Won’t Strike Out

I learned a principle early in life, while playing softball, that guided me when confronting the biggest challenges in my career. I discovered it is OK to ask for help. We all find ourselves in need of a little help. Some lessons come to us early in life. I learned...

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Should You Work While In College?

While talking with the father of two teenagers, he said, ”I don’t want my kids to work part-time jobs.” He went on, “It’s too much trouble getting them back and forth to work.  A job interferes with schoolwork and extracurricular activities." Vacation trips in the...

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