Are You Are A Worker Or A Follower?

Are You a Follower or Worker? Which one are you? Are you a follower? Are you a worker? Do you know the difference? A worker is someone with a boss. Many people start their careers as a worker.  Usually, they are not working for a boss they have chosen.  They apply for...

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My Best Boss

Remembering  S. Truett Cathy,  March 14, 1921 – September 8, 2014 He was my best boss. He was my most demanding boss. He was a leader. Truett told me what he wanted me to do, but he did not tell me how to do it.  A good boss gives direction by telling workers what he...

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When is A Sentence Too Long?

When Is a Sentence Too Long? How long are your sentences? When is a sentence too long? Here is a 146-word sentence I encountered on page 383 of Carl Sandburg’s fifth volume of his six-volume biography of Abraham Lincoln. Is this sentence too long?  In various angles...

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