Any Job Worth Doing . . .

My daddy planted a large garden in our backyard. No, let me correct that. My daddy turned our backyard into a garden. During World War II, most of the folks in our neighborhood planted a “Victory Garden.” It was the patriotic thing to do, and for our large family, it...

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Ride the Right Train

At daybreak on April 19, 1969, my wife, Oleta, and I boarded the Central of Georgia Railway’s deluxe passenger train, the Nancy Hanks II, from Savannah to Atlanta. We looked forward not only to the ride, but the excellent food service on this train, the breakfast...

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Never Say: “I Told You!”

As he voted “No,” he said emphatically: “I want you to remember that I opposed this proposal!” The only board member opposed to the proposal and the one who contributed nothing positive to the discussion prior to the vote is the one who voted no. His only objective...

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