What Does It Take to Make You Angry?

Have you thought about this; what does it take to make you angry? We all have the capacity to be angry. There are times when we should be angry! When I was a boy, one of my favorite movie stars was the cowboy Wild Bill Elliott. I especially liked it when he would say...

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What Will You Do When Your Boss Says THIS?

Most of us have heard a boss say, “You do your job and let him do his." Maybe your boss has said that to you.   Territorialist bosses like to say, “You do your job and let her do hers.”   Limiting the territory of their workers is one of their methods of hoarding...

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Can You Spot a Bad Boss?

Is it important for you to learn to spot a bad boss before you go to work for him or her? This is a serious question. Can you spot a bad boss? Have you ever considered why it is that so many people go to work for a bad boss? Recently my wife and I visited a well-known...

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