My Worst Boss

From my first job until I retired, I worked 53 years.  My bosses ranged from horrible to great. My worst boss was a man I will call Mr. Smith. When I went to work for him, he was having an affair with the full-time checkout clerk at a small, old, run-down...

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Take Responsibility

Can you see them? They are all around you. They are opportunities. Are you aware of how many surround you each day? Many people miss out on great opportunities because they don’t see them. I want you to know how you can improve your vision and see more clearly the...

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Recognize the Craftsman, Not the Tools

My wife and I enjoy watching birds. As bird watchers, we look forward to the pleasure of visiting our favorite store for feeders, bird identification guides and of course, bird seed. One day I went to the store and I saw a new display of bird photographs on the wall....

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Be a Problem Solver, Name Your Price

Be a Problem Solver, Name Your Price

My boss said, “I don’t like problems.” When I heard him say this, I knew I needed to become a problem solver!  My boss wanted to pick and choose his problems.  S. Truett Cathy, the late founder and CEO of Chick-fil-A, Inc., was a great problem solver.  But, he was...