Do You Want Your Customers To Come Back Again?

Do you want your customers to come again? I can help you! Here is an example. As the chief operating officer of Chick-fil-A, I liked to visit our restaurants — unannounced.   It was easy for me to go in and order food like any other customer because very few of the...

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One Thing Leaders Don’t Tell Followers

Do you know what leaders tell followers? I believe that you know the answer to both questions above, but may not be permitting it to influence your thinking.  The currently popular far-reaching and all-encompassing concept of leadership causes most people to refuse to...

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Do You Want to Increase Your Income?

Do you know how to increase your income? It’s a simple process. I will explain. No matter what our age our first job is loaded with experiences we never forget.  A few experiences are good, others are bad and many fade to the back of our memory.  Today, I am thinking...

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Jimmy's Stories, a new book by Jimmy Collins, is now available on Amazon

A gifted storyteller, he uses real events from his personal experience to paint a vivid picture of the practice of Creative Followership, the fascinating career approach that he advocates. He delivers an inspiring message for everyone.

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